Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Benefits of Ayat ul Kursi

1: Recite while Leaving Your House, And 70,000 Angels Will Protect You from All sides.

2: Recite On Entering Your Home, And Poverty Won't Enter Your Home.

3: Recite After Wuzu, And
It Raises You 70 Times In Allah's Rank.

4: Recite Before Sleeping And 1 Angel Will Protect You The Whole Night.

5: Recite After Farz Namaz And The Only Thing
That Is Separating You From Paradise Is Death.

If you pass this on Its Sadqa-e-Jaria.
(meaning In'sha'Allah you will keep on getting rewarded for it, every time someone one acts upon it even when you have died, up until the day of judgment)

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  1. When someone is home alone and not feeling very comfortable then reciting the Ayat-Ul-Kursi will help you calm and you will not fear.